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Filling out my profile as an international student

Hello, my name is Sebastião Mendonça, and first of all I think this website is definitely useful. I just stumbled across a problem while trying to create my profile: How can I choose my country (Portugal)? Thanks

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9 months ago

To find where to select home country you first need to go to your profile. After you're on your profile at the top it should have the options main profile, basic information, chancing profile, financial profile, and communication settings. From there select chancing profile, it should show the sections of that component for you to fill out. Under 1. basic information it should ask for your name, home country, zip code, if you are applying as international, and the name of your high school. Ask the name states this portion of your profile is for collegevine's chancing profile which estimates your chances at schools you are interested in, so I recommend you fill out the whole page after the basic information. It asks for information like your hobbies and test scores to give them an idea of how you would stand out compared to other applicants at schools.


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