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Help with international students (I don't have a GPA)

Hello, I don´'t have a GPA (since in Portugal the school system is different). What should I write in the GPA space?

7 months ago

What do you get for grades? There's probably a way to convert to GPA if you let us know.

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I'm currently in 9th grade, where I'm graded from 1-5, but I will soon be in high school, were grades are from 1 to 20. My grades average 5.00.

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7 months ago


If your desired institution requires it, there are several websites that you can use in which your school will send your report card to these organizations, and they will analyze your grades and work, and convert them to an American report card which they will then directly send to your desired institution.

This is a paid process and it can take over 2 weeks to be done depending on the package you choose etc...

Please find 3 websites which offer this service;




7 months ago

I'm not sure if you are given letter or percentage grades like in the US but if you do you could calculate it yourself. There are tons of GPA calculators you can use if your school doesn't give you one. College vine has one. If that doesn't work leaving it blank shouldn't give you much problem, just keep in mind that if you use the chancing calculator Collegevine has it won't be as accurate of a estimate because information is missing.


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