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Hello, I have 2 questions:

- Do I, as an international student from Portugal, need to take the ACT or SAT to enter in an Ivy League School?

- My class doesn't offer any honour or AP classes and doesn't have a school ranking (but if it have I would be in the first place). Is it bad if I don't include any of these?

Thank you


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2 answers

6 months ago

Due to the current pandemic most schools for the 2021-2022 class are currently test optional, however most schools have different admissions requirements for international students like an English proficiency test. To know for sure you need to check on the school of your choice's website to see if they require you to take any additional tests, including the SAT or ACT that is currently optional for domestic students from most schools.

Colleges take into consideration the classes offered by your school, not being able to take any should not negatively affect you, same for class rank. For example say your school has 10 AP classes but you didn't take any, that would be an example of a negative factor because the school would see it as a missed opportunity to challenge yourself.Whether on the other hand you did not take any because they are not offered it is not a problem.

6 months ago

Hi, so I am also an international student and it doesn't matter which one you take out of the two. But I have heard that they do prefer the sat over the act.

When it comes AP or Honours, it shouldn't be a problem because these schools recognize that school curriculum is different for other countries. What you can do is instead take the hardest classes offered at your school. In my case, for example, I am taking the hardest high school curriculum offered in my country.

Hope that helps! :)


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