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How does CV assess our extracurriculars?


I have been using CV for a bit, and first of all, I am SO thankful for this website! It has almost all the resources I need to prepare for the college admissions process next year, and props to whoever created it! I can't believe this is a free resource :D

I, however, am curious about the chancing accuracy of CV, and I was wondering how it assesses the level of our extracurricular load. Does it show the chancing based on other CV users here or based on the profiles of everyone who was admitted to the specific schools? Is it accurate enough or does it overestimate/underestimate the strength of our EC profile?

Anything is helpful! Thank you :)


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7 months ago

I can't say for sure but I would assume it has a lot to do with the self grading, like how it asks what tier you would rank that activity. From there I think they use a mix of what you said like stats of ECs from students admitted into schools with similar requirements. Personally I think it has about 75-80% accuracy because they can can't evaluate your essays nor your personality/character which a lot of schools care about. I would use it as a baseline to see if there is anything I can improve, like if you have a lot of j tier ECs (J is one of the lower rankings if I remember correctly) I would try to focus on a couple and improve those.

7 months ago

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