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High school is both STEM and tops in state. Cannot call classes "AP". How to address?

my high school is a STEM charter school which is tops in the state and one of the top in the US however, it does not call its courses "AP", due to the regulation and cost that entails. I started honors algebra in 7th grade and now in my senior year have completed multivariable calculus and statistics as well as CAD and advanced biology. Unless the College I am applying to is familiar with my school, they will not understand our rigorous the coursework is. Is there a way to address this?

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9 months ago

Your school counselor will likely address this in their letter, as most schools write up any unique aspects of the curriculum or grading system. If not, you can ask them to or explain it in the Additional Information section. If your school is the top STEM charter school in your area, it's likely that the admissions officer will understand your system and course rigor anyways. Most schools assign a regional admissions office who is familiar with the schools in your area, and they sometimes visit high schools to recruit applicants.

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