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Does being underaged affect your chances at a school?


I am currently a junior and an international student. I was wondering if my age will affect my chances at a school in the US. I am planning to study Engineering and will be graduating in the year 2022 at 15. What do you think?


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7 months ago

The biggest disadvantage you will have has to do with fitting in socially. Most HS Seniors in the US are 18 when they graduate so they are adults when they leave home and go to college. When you are 15, you have some physical growth left to do and for some, some emotional growth as well. Imagine going to a city where everyone is 3 to 7 years older than you and are all adults. It will be harder to make friends, date, and feel part of the whole group dynamic.

There are a number of colleges that cater to underaged smart kids in the US. I would look into those because at least there are dozens of kids all underaged in the same cohort group. Alternatively, you can also look into a good boarding school in the US and repeat part of your high school coursework. You may have a better chance of getting into a top university coming out of boarding school rather than applying straight from your country at age 15.


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