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Pepperdine Admissions Requirements

Looking for specific requirements and acceptance rate for Pepperdine University if you're not a young student or coming in with an MA into the Psychology dept.

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@vassarfudge8 months ago

What's an MA in the context of your question? Are you an adult applying as a transfer student? or something else?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Acannon48 months ago

Thanks for asking. I'm applying for the Masters in Psychology program at Pepperdine for the fall 2021 semester as an adult. I completed my BA with all pre-reqs in Psychology and experience in research as well as 12 years of work experience and volunteering in the field.

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8 months ago

Hi there, this site is for high school students applying to undergrad, you you probably won't find your answer here. Most MA programs do not release acceptance rates the same way undergrad programs do. Best of luck with your application!


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