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Am I still considered a first gen college student?

First generation students are defined as having neither of their parents having a bachelors degree and/or never went to college. Neither of my parents went to college, although my mother got a diploma in trade school. Since trade school isn't the same as a "college," would I be able to identify myself as a first gen student?

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Accepted Answer
3 years ago

You would be a first-generation college-bound student since neither parent holds a 4-year Bachelors's Degree.

Trade school diplomas are not bachelor degrees, nor are AA associate degrees from the community college.

So you are first-gen if neither parent completed a 4-year Bachelors's degree.

-attending a trade school or vocational school doesn't count

-attending either community college, private or public college, and not graduating with a bachelor's degree doesn't count either.

According to the broadest definition of first-gen, either parent could have attended a 4-year college and left school 6 credits shy of earning their degree and you would still be first-gen because they didn't graduate.

Hope that is helpful and clear for other CV readers as well.

3 years ago

Since your mother did get a higher education degree at a trade school I don't think you would be considered first gen. However I don't know much about trade school. I would ask schools specifically because some might say yes and others no. Same thing if it's for a scholarship. I would ask the specific organization because they might have different Ideas. Sorry this isn't that helpful.

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