2 years ago
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Can CollegeVine show me and help me apply to the best pre-med schools?

or does it simply show all colleges regardless of their quality?

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2 years ago

I believe CollegeVine shows all universities, but also can help you see which are better in terms of many things, from prestige to admission chances. You can play around with the find schools; for example, you could go to schools that are in safety, then organize them by prestige, high to low. It all really depends on what you're looking for in a college. However, it doesn't specifically show school that are better in terms of pre-med I believe, but if you do a bit of research on their blog or on Google, you'll probably find something! Here's one website that I found:


You can change it show it in terms of Primary Care, or specialties. I really hope this helps, I'm not an expert but I did some research!


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