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What should I do?

I currently have around a 3.1-3.2 Cumulative GPA, I am also in 2AP Classes and honors math. My ACT score was also a 21. Next year I should be completing 2 CTE Pathways as well as a few more AP and Concurrent Enrollment Classes. My goal is to go to the U of U, however most places are saying that I will have a less then 20% chance of getting accepted. I am currently a junior. What should I do to raise my chances?

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8 months ago

I looked it up and I got the university of Utah, according to CV and naviance the major factors they look at is your GPA, course rigor, and ECs. Your best bet would be raising your GPA and focusing on your ECs. You're taking AP classes and planning on taking more so as long as you get good grades and maintain them until you graduate that should cover that. I googled it and it said the average ACT scores are 22-29 so if possible I would try to retake the ACT if you think you could score better and be in the middle at 25 or higher. If you can't participate in many ECs because of responsibilities like work they should be understanding of that. Still you should try to involve yourself in something outside of academics so they can see what your interested in outside of school. Lastly use CV's chancing profile, take it with a grain of salt because while it's great it can't evaluate essays and some other things colleges take into consideration. If you fill it out to the best of your ability it should tell you what range to try to improve your stats better than I can because I don't have a full picture of you and the context behind it. Maybe last year your grades suffered because of covid or you experienced a personal loss, I can't comment on that but if an external factor affected your academics or ability to take part in ECs a good school will take that in consideration and realize that under normal circumstances you would have excelled more.

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8 months ago

I looked up the University of Utah on here and it said that the average student that is accepted has a 3.38 - 3.85 GPA, so if you do well in all of your classes this year and next year you should be pretty good for GPA. Just make sure to keep up your grades as much as you can, especially in your AP classes. It also sounds like you have a pretty rigorous course load, so even if you don't have a perfect GPA, they should see that you took difficult courses. If you have the opportunity, you could retake the ACT to get a higher score. It looks like extracurriculars are pretty important for U of U also, so even if you don't have time to be part of a lot of groups I would choose one or two things to get really involved in. Also, CV can't be perfectly accurate because there are other things that colleges take into account like essays and rec letters that CV doesn't. Good luck!


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