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What are some pros and cons of graduating HS early and going to college early?

Hi! I am a freshman who is thinking about options to go to college, and my parents mentioned graduating HS early. I am not like a straight A student, But I take 1 AP right now. Anyway, I wanted to know what are some pros and cons of graduating HS early, and go to college early.


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9 months ago

I'm not in expert in it, but I do plan to earn my AA degree by the time I graduate high school, which means I'll be spending my entire senior year in college, kind of like graduating early, I guess.

Some definite pros of graduating early that I can think of are:

- you don't have to waste time in high school!

- you get a head start in college + life in general

- you can possibly also graduate college early!

- you'll be challenged academically in college

- experiencing independence early!

- you'll possibly have more opportunities to do things, like internships, because you have more time!

Some cons?:

- will probably be kind of hard to do, you'll need self discipline + determination

- you'll be missing out on all the fun HS stuff, like prom (unless it doesn't concern you)

- you might not be mature enough emotionally or mentally for college

- you'll be surrounded by older kids, which sometimes lead to jealousy...

- it will be pretty stressful, especially if you're not ready for a college course load

- since high schools have things like Dual Enrollment, you can miss opportunities to get free college credit

- you'll have to start paying for a lot of things a LOT sooner, like tuition

Those are the ones I can think of! I'm sure there's a whole lot more


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