3 years ago
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pls help me with my ECs!

hiiii yall i'm an international student and i'm currently a junior.

our school is a traditional high school so we don't have any clubs or activities that can be written on my resume. so all of my ecs are self-based.

my academic interests are religious study (Islam but I'm not a Muslim, and I come from a very religious, Neo-Confucianism+Buddhism family), philosophy, the Middle East study, and econ.

so...an overall sociology vibe but I'll probably write religious study as intended major.

1. i won a national econ competition with a golden prize in the "critical thinking" section, a bronze prize (team) overall, and an individual prize for high scores. I'm also the leader of our team.

2. i joined our school's community service club.

3. i set up a non-profit org (a website also) about mental health.

4. I have a podcast about religious study

5. I have done two research (one about sociology: inequality, in which I talked about secularism; the other one about the history of the Iranian Empire (Persian Empire& Zoroastrianism)). I have been working on the research paper and hopefully it can be published.

6. I am the founder of a public social media page about the Middle East (history, conflicts, and stuff). and I'm going to hold (online) conferences this summer on the study of ME and Central Aisa, especially Turkey for younger kids in my country.

7. I registered for the editor role of a literary magazine but my work hasn't started yet...

8. I have played badminton for years and I'm a tutor of my middle school's badminton team (during summers)

9. I am okay in Turkish so I'm thinking of taking the Duolingo test (should I...???)

that's it...my ECs are not that well-rounded....but evolve around my intellectual interests....idrk.

how can I combine econ with my other academic interests??? any advice? i'd appreciate it! !


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3 years ago

It sounds like you are doing a lot of really cool ECs! Colleges will take into account if your school does not have any ECs, and they will really like that you have done a lot of your own things and taken any of the opportunities that you have. Also, I think colleges like it when your ECs somewhat relate to you intended course of study. If you wanted to combine econ, you could find an internship/ job that has to do with econ. Colleges also really like it when you do community service, so you could help more in you community service club and become a leader in that if that is an option. Your research papers sound really cool, and if you can publish them colleges will really like that too.

3 years ago

Honestly, your extracurricular list is very impressive for someone who doesn't have any clubs at their school! You've done really well for yourself.

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