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Hi! I am taking the SAT on June 5th and I'd like to know how to increase my math score. I've taken the SAT twice now, first time I got a 1340 and second time I got a 1230. On the first one I got a 710 in the reading and 630 in math. I am confident that I am capable of getting a near perfect reading/writing score however I really want to get my math up to at least a 700. I am aiming for a 1450+. Does anybody have any tips? I love khan academy but I am not too fond of their math section, the videos aren't that helpful to me. If you have any youtube videos, textbooks, or websites that have helped you, please let me know. Thank you :)


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3 years ago[edited]

Hi there!

I think I can help out here (cred: I scored a 790 on the math section in the March 2021 SAT)!

I do want to let you know that math has generally been my strong point in the test, but you can always improve within time :)

I think the best resource you can use is practice tests! It will give you an idea of how College Board formats its math questions, and it will allow you to start comprehending the "language" that they use in problems to solve for the answer. Many times, word problems can be confusing, and might even require a solution that is different from what is typically asked!

For example, say that you are given this problem:

x/y = 3

2y+3 = 17

You might think that they would ask you to simply find the values of y and x and give the answer, but the SAT would take a step further and ask you to find the value of x+ 6y. This is simple to approach!

1) You would solve for y in the second equation

2) You would solve for x in the first equation after finding the value of y

3) You would plug in the values for x and y in the equation x + 6y and get the answer

(Here, x = 21, y = 7, and x+2y = 35)

I also found the Kaplan and Princeton prep books to be really helpful in terms of using easier ways to solve math problems as well as approaching them. If you would like to get a 1450+, I think a good schedule would be greatly helpful.

I recommend that you try to fit in maybe 3.5 hours for SAT practice every week. Every week following up to the exam, dedicate about 1.5 hours to taking only the math sections of the test and timing yourself (I'm assuming you would dedicate some other time for reading/english), use about 1 hour to go over your practice test and making sure to mark up the problems you typically seem to miss, and spread the remaining hour over the course of the week by reviewing the math concepts and doing about 10 math questions every day.

If you just need practice questions, Varsity Tutors is the go! They have PLENTY of practice questions on their website and it's free!

I think that by sticking to this, you would be able to get the score you want on the math section! Good luck :)

2 months ago

I struggled in math, and used Amazon's The SAT Math Prep Book for Students Who Have Forgotten A Lot of Their High School Math, since I was getting questions wrong because I forgot so many fundamentals.

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