7 months ago
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Should I send both old and new score reports to colleges to show improvement, or just the new ones with higher scores?


The question summary is a bit confusing, so let me explain! The answer to this question might also be obvious, but I just wanted other people's opinions just to make sure!

I had taken an ACT and an SAT in 2019, and they were my first official tests. I took another ACT and SAT this year, and I improved by quite a bit (my second and possibly final official tests)!

I was wondering if I should

A) Send in past test scores AND current test scores because colleges might see that improvement and be more likely to accept me or

B) Send in only the recent ones because colleges would like to see just the highest scores I have gotten rather than improvement

Thank you! :)


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7 months ago

Hi I would send in both! I know some universities have stated to send in all scores, so they can see improvement of a student. Some universities say to just send the highest one. What I do know for sure is that when an admission officer sees that you improved, even if they are not allowed to "give you points" for that, your accomplishment will be in the back of their mind when viewing the rest of your application. In short, there is no harm in sending in both scores!

7 months ago

You could send in your older scores if you’d like. I think it’s be best to send them only if you’re super scoring or if you’re required. Especially considering how old they are, it may not mean much. Take my answer with a grain of salt though as I’m just a high school senior :)


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