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How to mention this in an essay

So one of my parents friends is for lack of a better term very high up in an area adjacent to my career field (think cardiology and nuerology) For privacy’s sake (not what he is but one that should accurately paint a picture of his high ranking) he’s the assistant director for the the Chicago public school system. It is however a STEM area I couldn’t think of a better comparison.

I have arranged a phone call with him to talk about the career and I know it’s something I will want to talk about in my essays but how should I approach it without coming off as arrogant especially as it’s a family friend that I haven’t met in person with ever. The importance of mentioning it is increased becuase my extracurriculars lack extensive STEM accolades.


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6 months ago

That's great that you have a connection in an area that you're interested in! I would just be really careful about name-dropping though, as it may come off as disingenuous if that person hasn't actually been influential in your decision to pursue a certain field.

In the "why this major" essay, it would be okay to mention that you did an informational interview with them and learned X or Y, which made you feel that the field is a good fit. Just keep in mind that it won't necessarily compensate for a lack of experience in STEM. The point of the essay is to talk about your experiences and aspirations, after all. You may be better off using the space to discuss the experience you do have in more depth (these essays tend to be short and space is precious).

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have more questions!

6 months ago

Can you shadow him before college applications? I would recommend doing that and then you could talk about that experience in your essay if you think it’s still worth it!


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