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Where should I go? Carnegie Mellon? Johns Hopkins? UW Madison? BU?

Hi, I'm a senior who got into CMU, JHU, UW Madison, and BU... Decision time is really soon for us this year, so where should I go? I just wanted some general thoughts or pros and cons if any of y'all have recommendations or insights on any of these places if you researched them/go there/are an alumni. Currently, I either want to major in public health, cellular biology, or history of science/tech/medicine. I enjoy also creative writing as a journalist, and I really like big cities! I am really committed to service, love cheering for sports teams, and am passionate about travel and foreign language.

(I obviously have my own impressions, but I want to hear others since I want to check my feelings are not adulterated by my personal circle and rumors on CC/Reddit/Unigo)


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6 months ago

I would say JHU. CMU is amazing, but less prestigious for public health and in general. Plus, JHU is generally cheaper. CMU is in a bigger city, though. Honestly, which location and price is better for you!

6 months ago[edited]

medicine/public health------obviously JHU! and JHU doesn't have different colleges like other schools do (like UPenn, Cornell) !!! so academic choices are more flexible I guess.

CS, architecture---------CMU!

good luck!

6 months ago

Congrats on your acceptances! These are fantastic schools.

Based on your interests, JHU seems like one of the best schools for you. They're known for their STEM and health professions related fields and they have the second-oldest creative writing program in the US. Baltimore is also a major US airport and city, which would allow you to travel easily (though Boston would also have this perk).

I honestly don't think you can go "wrong" though, and think that one of the ways to help you decide may be considering costs and ROI.

Best of luck making a decision!


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