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I need to improve my extra curricular activities so can someone give me advice on some easy things I can do to online?

I am a junior in Catonsville Highschool and I already do Outdoor track and MUN. I have also completed my service hours at a national charity organization in Ethiopia, Africa. I just need some tips on more things I can do to make the extracurricular side of my application more appealing.

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8 months ago


I know that you have written that you already completed your service hours, however, you could also try doing some online peer tutoring. It is quite fun and if you tutor peers your age you can also review- and possibly learn - some material yourself! Bored of Boredom is a tutoring platform for students to tutor their peers and gain service hours. Additionally, you can earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award once you have tutored for enough time. If you are interested in coding, I would recommend hackathons done by Major League Hacking (MLH) - coding events for students where you can earn awards! Really, to participate you don’t even have to learn how to code - you can learn from different workshops. You can look online, in the time of the pandemic, there are lots of events available for students that can also boost your application.

Hope this helps.

8 months ago

Hi! I think that doing sports is always an option, because You don't need gym to do it, you can easily do it by yourself in a room. Also, if thera is an opportunity, you can start playing music. The main thing is that you should like things you do and they should't be just, because you need some extra curricular activities.


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