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Would academic contests look good?

I’m a student in Canada and wanted to try the COMC (Canadian open math contest) for a chance and performing well and ranking higher. If I do well on this, I could try for national or international too. However, if I do not make it that high would it still be worth the effort?

@lij12076 months ago

Depends, what is your average right now, what grade are you in and what schools are you aiming for?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@treebranch1016 months ago

I’m in 9th and was aiming for selective schools like ivies

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6 months ago


Contests are great for extracurriculars (especially if you are aiming for selective schools). Even if you do not rank very high it is still a great experience where you can learn a lot and it is for sure worth the try. After all, depending on your abilities, you might rank high and be able to put an impressive extracurricular on your application. Selective colleges are especially looking at the extracurriculars of their candidates as top grades are the norm - it is the extracurriculars that set you apart from other cadidates - so I would for sure recommend trying to participate in the academic contests you have available.


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