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Mandatory Vaccines for Colleges this Fall

Very recently, Rutgers University (NJ) and Cornell University (NY) [per USA Today] have mandated the vaccine for upcoming fall admissions. After these dominoes fell, Brown University (RI) and Northeastern University (MA) have also mandated the vaccine. The latest big-name college to mandate the vaccine is Duke University (NC). Although these school’s have specified regulations, with some exceptions being for religious or health purposes, will there be a dramatic trend for vaccine requirements!?!

Of course there is an entire summer to get through before more dominoes fall, but I was just curious as to how this would affect the outlook for “mandated-vaccine” colleges in fall: will there be lesser students? What will happen to those who don’t get it? Online maybe? How will this affect the next admissions cycle? etc. etc.

I understand this is new and developing, but any viable opinions, suggestions, or additional sources would be much appreciated and very helpful!!

Some sources are also preparing for this to be a “case to take to court”; but I don’t think it’s highly unreasonable, unethical, or unconstitutional for that matter. Any opinions would be great!!


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8 months ago

I'm a senior and my class at the school I'm likely going, they announced vaccines will be mandated, WHILE ALSO EXPLAINING THEY WILL HELP STUDENTS GET IT IF THEY WANT IT. Likely, the overall population of college-bound kids who rather would stay home than get the vaccine is less than 3% (though it probably varies where you live). Even still, this vaccine issue is not going to make any dents in attendees. This just has to do with our generation, beliefs, and an over-dramatization of the extent of anti-vaxers out there. If anything, colleges will take less kids again because of gap years from previous HS graduates, financial hits, etc...

Good luck with your apps, and get vaccinated if you are able to with your beliefs!

8 months ago

I don't think the student population will change much. Schools (middle school, high school, and college) have always required proofs of immunizations prior to attending well before the pandemic started. The COVID-19 virus is new and is very dangerous, as we've seen over the past year, so it makes sense colleges are requiring COVID-19 vaccines as part of the proof of immunizations. I don't know how it'll affect the next admissions cycle, but I doubt it'll change much because again, proofs of immunizations have been required for so long and you don't see people being upset about it in the news.


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