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How to add common app essay to the colleges I am not applying through common application?

As I can apply to 20 colleges via common app, but I have to apply other safety and reach schools also. So, if I apply to those schools directly from website, how am I gonna submit my common app essay into those? Please help.

@DebaterMAX8 months ago

Copy and paste?

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8 months ago

I'm guessing your worry might be that the Common App essay prompt is going to be different than the prompts on the individual sites. You can also look at the Coalition essay prompts, see if you can make a connection between any of them and your Common App essay. The Coalition App does not have a 20 school limit like Common App. Then look individually at the applications of schools and see what prompts they have, and whether your Common App essay can be used.

8 months ago

I recommend writing/editing/revising your essay in Google Docs or Word and copying and pasting your essay into the essay section in the Common App and into the essay section on the applications to the other schools. This ensures you have a back up copy of your essay and writing in the Common App essay section can get annoying. You can use the same essay for multiple applications IF the prompts are the same or similar enough. Just check the word limit for the essay for each specific school and change your Common App essay as necessary.


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