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Moving states after college applications, tuition questions.

The UC school system does not provide financial aid for out-of-state students due to State of California laws.

I am currently in 11th grade studying in Michigan. My parents want to move to another state when I go to college preferably somewhere closer to me, for example, California. Theoretically, if I do get accepted and attend a UC school, and my parents decided to move to California, would this qualify me for in-state tuition for the upcoming semesters?

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Here are the UC residency requirements.


The detailed pdf on fulfilling all the requirements:


You have to remain physically in the State of California for 365 (technically 366) prior to establishing the residence determination date for the term you request residency status. So if you get accepted say next cycle, your parents would have to live and work there for a whole year prior to you commencing your 2nd year and getting financial aid. So if that process starts say on August 1 of a school year, they would have to live in CA 366 days prior to that date.

So let's say you get admitted to a UC school next Spring April 1, 2022, and you matriculate on Sept. 23rd, 2022, and say after you start college your parents move to CA on Dec. 1, 2022, then their 366th day will be Dec.1, 2023, which is 1 1/3 years into your college experience since they are on the Quarter systems ( Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) You would qualify as a CA resident for Winter quarter of your 2nd year I believe which mean that you'd get a tuition break for 2 2/3 year of the 4 years. Again it depends on when your parents establish residency in CA.

Hope that is helpful and clear. You will have to study the documents in the links and figure out specific rules and see if can work for you and your family. I have a friend whose mom is doing that because she is going to attend UCSD next fall. But her mom already has a work transfer in progress to California. Nevertheless, the best she can hope for is 3 full years of in-state tuition because her mom married a guy in CA and in the process of moving there this summer before school starts.

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I have a similar situation with me applying to Texas schools next year and possibly moving to Texas if I do get accepted into them. I think the best thing to do is to go to the UC school's website and search for "residency policy." There should be some sort of page dedicated to explaining how tuitions would change if you were to move to CA and live there for a certain amount of time.

For instance, in Texas, I would have to be a resident for 12 months there to be considered for in-state tuition. If I theoretically were planning to move there during the summer before college starts, then my first-year tuition would be out-of-state, but the next few years of college would be in-state because I would have lived for 12 months by the start of sophomore year!

Here are a few links that might be helpful:




I hope that helps! :)

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