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Questbridge Prep Scholars, how confident are you in your application?

TL;DR: Decision thread for the 2021 Questbridge Prep Scholars applications!

I want to meet up with some other juniors who applied to the program and just chat! A reminder that decisions come out in late April! Since we're about halfway through the month, I thought it might be nice to get it up sooner rather than later.

Edit: Here's my profile and decisions!

GPA: 2.8

PSAT: 1110

ECs (leadership):

-Upward Bound (MCAC)

-Student Voice Team Fellowship

-National History Day

-RISE Competition

-Freelance Writer

Essays: Are ok, I wrote about my passions in the short answer ones and about how much I hate college essays in the primary one. Creative, I know.

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6 months ago

Well, indeed I am a freshman, but my close friend is a junior who applied to 2021 Questbridge Prep Scholars, so I thought I could discuss since he told me he seems pretty confident as he has a strong extracurricular part in math/science.


6 months ago

So I applied to the junior version and Im cautiously optimistic I get in the program with a 30 percent admit rate.


6 months ago

I'm pretty nervous about my application. I don't really know how I compare with other students in my grade level, especially those in other schools. I feel like I'm just an average student. Hopefully, something made me stand out. I can only pray that it goes well.


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