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Honors on chancing profile


I know that achievements are an important part of the application process, and there's a different section in Common App to put them (we get to put 5 achievements + 10 ECs).

Where do I put my achievements on my chancing profile? The only option I found so far was to put them in the EC section. But it doesn't make any sense, because there are only 10 spots.

Thank you!


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6 months ago[edited]

There is no CollegeVine chancing spot for your honors/awards... However, I recommend if you have really impressive awards, you ust put them done as whatever the closest correlating activities you can find at the appropriate achievement level versus any lesser ECs you have...

In the Common App you'll still have it though; you go under the Common App Tab, then the education tab and the spot for your five awards and honors should be there!

Here is a video guide:



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