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How likely will I be accepted into a college if I went to a charter school but had a really high SAT score?

I went to a charter school (going to the charter school for 3 hours each day with coursework done online) and graduated a year earlier than my expected graduation date with a B+ GPA. How much will have graduating from a charter school affect my chances of getting accepted into a good college than if I graduated from a public high school with the same GPA?

The charter school I graduated from is no longer open. Will the colleges I'm applying to know the school was only for 3 hours each day and online? Will that be bad? I'm not sure how other charter schools are. Also, I graduated a year early because I would do my coursework online when I'd get home from school. I graduated a year early in 3 months. I didn't know I wasn't allowed to do my coursework at home after school until after I finished, and I didn't get in trouble for it, but they let me graduate anyway. Should I include in my application essay that I graduated a year early in 3 months because I was determined to graduate (and leaving off the part that it wasn't allowed)? Or will colleges automatically know it's not allowed?

That was over 14 years ago. I'm 30 now, but I'm wanting to go to college now.

I am going to take my SAT test and have been studying for hours each day with strategies of getting a perfect or near perfect score. If I have a really good SAT score/a better SAT score than most applicants, will the fact that I graduated from a charter school not matter as much?


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2 years ago

So I would imagine as long as you met all your requirements to graduate from the charter school, which you did, it won't matter too much to colleges. You did everything you were asked while in that school which is what colleges look for. Also, the fact that you graduated from the charter school 14 years ago and are now 30 probably overrides any issues with the charter school.

I'm not as familiar with applying to colleges as an adult learner as others are potentially but I'd imagine colleges are less concerned about your grades and GPA than a typical applicant since so much can change for a person in 16 years. I'd think they'd ask you for a resume of some sort to see what you've been up to, you'll probably still need to write an essay, and maybe they'll want an SAT score. Where are you considering applying? I'd check out all the websites and see what they're expecting from you in order to apply.


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