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I was wondering if international students are grouped in one category or are they grouped by country? So you're competing within your country instead of kids from all over the world.


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9 months ago

@zaraadam great question. The answer is that it depends on the school.

At many schools, students are evaluated against other students in various categories. They categories can be based on a student's geographic location, on their race or ethnicity, on whether or not they have legacy status or are being recruited as an athlete, and more. Over the course of the admissions process, students are often considered in multiple categories. At many schools, international students are one such category. At smaller schools with fewer international applicants, international applicants will often be directly compared with all other international applicants. At larger schools with more international applicants, there might be many groups within this larger category. For example, a school might have a category specifically for Chinese applicants, a category specifically for Indian applicants, and a category that contains all other international applicants (if the highest numbers of international applications generally come from China and India.) It all depends on the number of applications a school generally receives and how the schools admissions office decides to handle and group those applications.


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