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How to start an excellent assay?

What can touch admissions the most?

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9 months ago

So I know this is kinda vague but broad advice always is so Ill try to get it as unvague as possible.

Brainstorm non-cliche ideas that meet the prompts. If you think it applies to people not named @komissarova then you should check to make sure that it is a good topic. No mission trips winning a big game etc. Also have the decency of course no bigotry etc.

Find a good hook; Quotes are okay but not great.

Make sure the topic is about you not someone else. Your mom may be the best person ever but colleges want to hear about you - not mom.

Have the essay be descriptive as possible but not fluff. The cat crossed the road is bad but the cat approached the curb then looked both ways before he dashed across the median to the other side is too long. So instead just have the cat dashed across the median and then the busy road.

Show your accomplishments don't be humble but not egotistic. Additionally show what/how you gained/grew from that experience.

Dont go over the max wordcount but get at least 85% of it.

Triple check grammar!

Hope this helps!


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