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How competitive is my application?

I've asked similar questions before but once again have enough karma to ensure an expert answer. I'd just like to have a holistic look at where I'm at right now so that I can best plan for the coming years of high school. Thank you! :)


Ethnicity: White

Gender: Female

School: Private (currently a freshman)

Home State: Minnesota


My school uses a few resources to help predict standardized test scores etc.

Predicted UW GPA at time of application- 3.96

Predicted SAT- 1550

Predicted ACT- 33

Total APs (by the end of HS)- 11

Total Honors Courses (by the end of HS)- 6


1. Founder/Exec Director of an organization that helps kids become involved in activism

2. International Chapter Relations Team, Regional Chapter Developer (Climate Justice Organization)

3. Varsity Speech (looking to make state next year, probably become a captain as a senior)

4. US Outreach Team (Menstrual Equity Organization- could move to Director position in coming years!)

5. State Events/Outreach Co-Lead (Gun Control Organization)

6. Model UN (I have a few minor awards, will be captain starting next year)

7. Founding Youth Member (Civics/Democracy Reform Organization- this has helped me create the organization I mentioned first)

8. State Congressional Page (I've been chosen as likely to be selected for the state Senate Page program as a junior, would like to take part in the national one as well but it's extremely competitive)

9. City Youth Commissioner, Environmental/Sustainability Board

10. Varsity Debate (looking to become captain as a senior)

I also am currently in the National Math and World Language Honor Societies, probably will join regular NHS and History/Social Studies NHS as an upperclassman.


Don't have too many yet!

1. Gold Level Presidential Volunteer Service Award (will likely earn all 4 years because of my work in activism, but only have this year so far)

2. Highest Honor Roll (will also likely earn each semester)

As an upperclassman I'd like to go to state (possibly nationals) for speech and become an AP and National Merit scholar, but since I'm only a freshman, can't really predict that yet lol

My dream school is Harvard University, and I've spoken with my counselor (who I am not able to meet with again until next fall) surrounding applying early action etc. My mother is a graduate of the JFK school of government, but obviously that doesn't count for as much as if she had been an undergraduate student. My intended major (big shocker here lol) would most likely be political science/pre-law. I don't know a ton about the admissions process itself, but I was wondering how all of this would factor in, and am all ears for any advice you may have for coming years!

Thank you so much :)

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completely forgot to add this but i also have silver medals on 2 national french exams ('19 and '20!)

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Hi, I'll take a stab at this, though I would mention that something like the chancing system that CollegeVine uses is going to give you a much better indication of how competitive your overall profile is than any one person (no matter how knowledgeable) can.

But overall, you already have a very competitive profile for a top school. The reason I say "a top school" and not Harvard is that these schools are all so selective by themselves that no one, not even the best students, usually gets to pick and choose one that they like and will definitely get into. Typically it's more a matter of applying to several, maybe 7 or 8 top schools for a student like you, and hopefully getting into 1-2 of them. That's a realistic scenario, even for extremely accomplished high school students.

One thing I would say regarding your core academic stats is to make sure you study and prepare heavily for the SAT and ACT. I'm not sure what metrics your school uses to predict your performance, but often times students who are very good in classes can find themselves struggling on the SAT because of the format, the limited nature of the questions, etc. Don't assume a good score is going to happen until you've taken lots of practice tests and gotten a similar score consistently.

Activities-wise, you seem extremely accomplished for a freshman. What I would do is just continue trying to drive yourself further—see what you can accrue in terms of leadership experience and responsibilities beyond what you currently have. If you're interested in politics, typically the most prestigious work you can do is to intern for a congressperson or even be appointed as a page in the House or Senate (I believe those are usually high school juniors). In any case, keep doing what you're doing and you should be well set up to apply to these schools in a couple of years.


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