6 months ago
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Should I retake the ACT?

I ended up with a 34 on my ACT on the first try, and I'm pretty happy with it. The only issue is that I'm planning on going into chemical engineering. I got a 36 in science, but only a 29 in math. I hardly studied so I'm sure I can increase my score, but is it worth retaking? Are admissions officers only going to look at my composite score, or are they going to see my math when I go into their engineering college and judge me based on that?


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6 months ago

Congrats on the excellent score!

As someone already mentioned below, admissions officers will look both at your composite score and at your individual section scores. Whether or not you should retake it depends on a couple things. First of all, I'd be curious what math courses you're taking and how you're doing in them. If you're nailing AP Calc BC and are going on to do multivariable next year, I'd be slightly less worried about your math score. Conversely, if you struggle in math courses, I'd be more concerned about proving your math capabilities on the ACT. Second, I'd be curious what kinds of schools you're targeting. At the most selective schools, retaking could definitely be a very good move. At somewhat less selective schools, it might not be so important. Finally, I'd be curious about your grades in general. With a super high GPA and a rigorous course schedule (and this excellent overall ACT score), I might not be so worried.

That said, I assume you still have plenty of time left before you apply to college. I don't think it would hurt to retake if you're worried about it and think you can improve your score!

6 months ago

@alora.rs, college admission officers do look at your composite score and your scores on each section, like your score on math, science, etc. I think it is worth taking it because if you take and try hard to increase your score, it's always worth it, because it does look good and impressive. So, I think retaking is worth it. Good luck!


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