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If you use the peer essay review feature on CollegeVine, how do you usually rate the reviews of your essays? I try to rate every review as 5/5, as long as they gave some helpful advice and looks like they spent at least 15 minutes on it.

Recently, I've been reviewing more essays to earn some extra karma. I spend at least 40 minutes on every single essay, with 15+ highlighted comments and at least 5 sentences of overall feedback. I also make sure I address everything they put in their feedback request, but my reviews keep being rated 4/5, which is unfortunate because I miss out on the 10 extra karma after spending 40+ minutes reviewing an essay. Does anyone have any advice for how I can improve my reviews to get 5/5 every time?

Also, when you submit feedback on someone else's review of your essay, it says that CollegeVine will share your feedback with the reviewer, but I've never received feedback from my reviews. Is there a way to see this feedback?

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3 years ago

I haven't had an essay reviewed but I have reviewed a couple and I think I got 5/5. I went about it by giving examples. If I said this sentence seems choppy or it takes multiple reads to understand I would write a example of what I would do to fix it. Also instead of just saying it's hard to read I would add commentary on why I thought so. Maybe it seemed like it to me because I am not familiar with the program they are applying to, I often didn't get the full picture. Overall I just tried to be kind, seem friendly in your feedback. No one likes it when you tell them this and this is wrong. Connect it to yourself, say I used to struggle with this too so you don't come off as superior than them. But for all you know they might of just been unhappy with it because they failed to communicate what they really wanted in their question. Don't take it personally.


3 years ago

I personally feel like that shouldn't be your primary focus. Maybe make sure you're not being too mean, but other than that, how people respond to your reviews is their concern and not yours. Frankly, it can be very subjective too; I've given 4 stars because I wanted a little more feedback on a specific area than I was given. That's not always something you can prepare for; you can't read minds. I don't even bother to count how many highlights and sentences I give. Usually, I also spend 40+ minutes on reviews, which ends up in maybe 70% of the essay being highlighted and usually 2-3 good paragraphs of overall feedback. You could try just giving more feedback even if it seems uncalled for. I've received feedback on reviews through my emails with the email I used to sign up for CollegeVine.


6 months ago

How do I highlight something? I started this peer review like 30 minutes ago and I just finished but I’m not sure how to highlight sentences.


3 years ago

I am not sure about the ladder but, to review on a personal essay review you should be able to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the review pag. You should be able to make the review.

Aso, I am sad to say that as long as you are reviewing to your best extent then it is all up to the essay owner.


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