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Mailing professors of Universities

I have heard many people say it is a good idea to contact the professors in your dream University through email and ask them suggestions or questions. What are some of the valid questions, I mean some of the god questions, which I can ask a professor about?

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When it comes to professors, you want to ask them genuine questions that appeal to their specialities AND your interests:

For example, I once emailed an admissions counselor (this would be different for an admissions officer) and a professor of my desired university. For the professor—a bio-science professor that is—I asked about his latest research back in November of 2019 regarding a new “protein arsenal” for the CRISPR genome-editing mechanism. His works were published in Nature Journal: Biotechnology and I asked many follow-up like questions about his work because I was genuinely intrigued. Similarly, whatever department your desired professor of contact falls under, you want to understand their works, their objectives and ask engaging questions. Your source for conversation can be research (like mine), a unique experience they’ve had, their contribution to the prosperity of the university, etc. etc. As long as it’s a respected, personal attribute of them, and a source for intrigue by you, then these are good email letters.

Hope this helps!! This certainly does help because it puts you on their “radar”, essentially. Best wishes!


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