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4 years ago
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Am I competitive for the Ivies? Any advice you could offer?

I'm a high school junior at a highly competitive public school...

-3.9 UW, 4.62 W

-15 AP's, 10 Honors, and 3 college courses (UPenn) by the end of HS

-1450 SAT (I'm currently working on getting it higher during this quarantine ;)

-Athletic extracurriculars: captain of state-level sports team, 3-time high school state champion, and one of the top players on the East Coast

-Other extracurriculars: class president, founder/president of prominent political activism club at my school, member of countywide student government's executive board, advisor to the Student Member of the county Board of Education, intern with US congressional campaign, etc.

I'm a legacy at the University of Pennsylvania and I plan on applying early decision.

How competitive am I for Penn? How about for the rest of the Ivies? I'll take any advice! Thank you so much in advance!!

4 years ago

Hi @AntoineMoseley2003! Asking "How competitive am I?" is the same as a chance-me question. We recommend that you use the chancing tool on CollegeVine to get a sense of your competitiveness across all the schools on the site! Please edit this question to ask for specific advice instead of your competitiveness, or else we'll have to lock it again -- which we don't want to do!

For what it's worth, you've already accomplished a lot during your time in high school and should be proud of yourself!

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