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What extracurriculars look good when you're applying for an undergraduate business degree at a competitive college?

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I'm currently a freshman trying to plan her extracurriculars for college. I'm hoping to become a tech entrepreneur when I grow up, and I don't know what extracurriculars can support the more entrepreneurial side of me. I already have joined the computer science/robotics/programming clubs at my school, but in my opinion, that doesn't really show entrepreneurship. The only extracurriculars that show that I am an entrepreneur is my tech startup (we're running a marketing campaign that will reach up to 190k people), and my freelancing gig. Do you have any ideas?

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2 years ago

Focus on extracurriculars that interest you! Any extracurricular can look good if you've put in the time to excel. Good extracurricular involvement shows depth-- that could mean competitive excellence, leadership, or service that stands out from what others are doing. I think staying in your STEM extracurriculars will be helpful. As for entrepreneurship, if your school has a DECA or FBLA chapter, those can be fantastic resources. I'm going into Engineering Physics (so definitely not business related), but my experience in DECA has been EXTREMELY helpful.

Another thing that could be the right next step for you is to start a group! Not only does this allow you to create a new space you would enjoy engaging in (an entrepreneurship club, Girls Who Code group, etc), it shows initiative and leadership on your applications, and as a freshman, you have plenty of time to grow the program into something great.

Hope this helped!

2 years ago

My first suggestions would have been to create some kind of startup or initiative of your own, but it sounds like you've already done something along those lines. So first, keep putting your time into that and growing that—that's the kind of real-world entrepreneurial experience that clubs and extracurriculars can't really provide to the same level.

Other than that, as @AllyG suggested, DECA and FBLA (one, the other, or both) are both great organizations for practicing entrepreneurial skills in a more academic environment. If your school offers either (or would give you the chance to start a chapter), that might be your best option if you're looking for something your school would directly support.


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