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So I missed the deadline for fall of 2021 freshmen semester when will I be able to submit an admission for 2021/2022

I was trying to go to UNC but then missed the deadline for 2021 for application submissions for fall semester. It ended in February. Is there a way for me to send an application for spring? Or are there any other ideas?

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9 months ago

Dang I'm sorry... do you have plans for how you'll spend fall 2021 then? I'm not sure if UNC allows spring semester enrollment, you should look on the Common App and, if needed, reach out to them to determine next steps. However, I'm also pretty sure UNC's application actually closed in January, so you might also want to check that. Unless I misunderstood something. Did you apply to any other colleges? You could always transfer to UNC next year. There are some universities still accepting applications, if I recall correctly, but I don't think UNC is for the fall 2021 semester. Out of curiosity, how did you miss the UNC application deadline?

9 months ago

if you can't find it on their website try calling the admissions office and asking if they accept applicants to start in spring. They can direct you on where to apply and when.


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