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Does my Senior Year GPA get counted into GPA calculations?


I am currently a high school Junior who has a 3.72 Weighted and 3.28 Unweighted GPA counting all three years of high school from freshman to junior year. I am concerned about my low GPA and I want a firm answer on whether or not colleges consider senior year into GPA calculations so that I can raise my GPA and my chances of getting into the colleges of my choice. Thank You!!


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most colleges will look at your senior fall GPA as part of your overall transcripts. some will not—like the UCs for example. none of them will look at your senior spring grades beyond affirming that your academic performance didn't drop off majorly, so as long as you don't get a bunch of Ds or Fs in your senior spring that semester really isn't important.

in terms of improving, colleges really care about trends—so if you struggled as a freshman but have improved your GPA over time since then, that will put you in a much better position than acing freshman courses and struggling as a junior. senior year obviously can fit into that trend as well.

Thank you for your answer. I have another question. Does this mean that I should include my senior year GPA into the collegevine GPA calculations?
I can't really say since I'm not part of collegevine, but i would imagine yes?