3 years ago
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Can i get into a good college with gpa 3.3 and sat scores 1500+ ?

If yes kindly name some university accepting these.

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3 years ago

Probably yes, but this is very subjective (including what you consider a "good" college). I suggest you do the research yourself and fill out some chancing profiles. Get your grades up!! Your SAT score seems fine and will help you, but your GPA right now may not. That is, unless you have a detailed backstory/reason why or some really stellar extracurriculars that can help make up for that. Start researching colleges and setting goals for yourself.

3 years ago

It's very doubtful that anyone on CollegeVine could provide you with a definitive list of colleges that look for high SAT scores and low GPAs. It would be much better if you filled out a Chancing Profile as complete as possible with all your stats, honors, ECs, awards, demographical data and make a list of colleges and figure out where you stand compared to others applying to those schools.

An unweighted GPA is far more important than any test score and a high Unweighted GPA, given the hardest course rigor of classes available to you is what impresses all the best schools more than a test score. Now that we are entering the second season of test-optional SAT/ACT requirements, less and less weight will be put on the test scores. Nevertheless, a 98-99% percentile test score can help you if you are competing with other applicants who have the same high GPA, so it gives your file a slight nudge. For example, if applicant A, B, and C has a UWGPA of +-3.9 and applicant C has a 1500+ SAT, that might help he/her if the rest of the application file is equivalent to theirs. But a high test score can never make up for a low UWGPA because the GPA is your 4-year record of performance over say 25-35 high school classes, hundreds and hundreds of tests and quizzes and papers and projects. A high test score is the result of a 4-hour test on 1 day covering a fraction of material.

If you are in 10th grade as your tags suggest, the best thing you can do for yourself is to try to get straight A's over the next 3 terms and consider taking summer school this summer and next to prop up your GPA. You might be able to get it up to 3.6-3.7 which looks a lot better than a 3.3.

Since all top colleges are taking a holistic view on your application file when you apply, you will have a better chance of getting into a good college if you have great extracurriculars, great essays, and recommendations and show evidence of your intellectual curiosity through your 'spikes', passions or hobbies/work/ECs outside of school or the classroom.

Historically, very few HS students get into top schools with lopsided stats like that. It's usually a recruited athlete that plays a D1 sport like Football, Basketball, or Track that has that kind of profile because they spend a lot of time on their sport and traveling which is the reason their grades slip up and fall behind. Nevertheless, many recruited athletes have high testing skills so they still can submit reasonable SAT/ACT test results. On occasionally there are development candidates who have stats like that. They are the sons and daughters of uber-wealthy families that can afford a $10 million donation. These kids are smart but lazy. They can get their test scores up by spending a lot of money on private tutors. If you are neither a recruited athlete or a development candidate, I would focus on getting your grades up.

Hope that is helpful to you.

3 years ago

It depends on what you call a good college

Some safety schools : University of Texas at San Antonio and Washington State University

Some target schools: University of Tampa and Manhattan College

Some reach schools: Seton Hall University and Quinnipiac University

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