2 years ago
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How does Collegevine find their unweighted GPA statistics?

When i search up colleges GPA's or estimated unweighted GPA's, they seem to be way off than what's on here. For example, University of Washington Seattle has a GPA between 3.72-3.95 on the UW website, but a 3.20 average on here.

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2 answers

2 years ago

Hi @Znchome! Thank you so much for flagging this issue! We are actually in the process of updating the percentile data for a handful of schools. They will be fixed in the next few weeks!

In terms of where the data comes from for all schools - we have our CollegeVine data from 5+ years of working with thousands of students. We also conducted independent research to gather data for students who have never used CollegeVine before because we know how important it is to have data that represents the entire population instead of CollegeVine students only.

I'd also like to assure you that we take data privacy very seriously. All of our student data is secure and protected. We use it to improve the free tools for students and we do not sell it!

Thank you again for posting this question. We appreciate your effort in helping make CollegeVine better for all students!

2 years ago

I think they do it based on the data given by the students using this website.


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