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Should I stay on other wait lists?


I was admitted to Northwestern, which is where I'm planning to go. I'm on the waitlist for the University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, and Duke University. Financial aid isn't a huge factor. Considering bioengineering and biological sciences. Is it worth staying on these wait lists? Is any of the schools more prestigious than another? I'm also having a hard time deciding since I feel like Penn, Duke, and Northwestern are very similar.


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Getting admitted into Northwestern is a great accomplishment. Of course, the schools that waitlisted you are great as well, but considering that they are all very prestigious schools, I would suggest to not stay on those waitlists since you're already planning on attending Northwestern. As far as finances go, you stated that financial aid isn't a huge factor. Still, it's probably easier to stay with Northwestern and start planning now instead of potentially having to prepare to head in another direction entirely. In addition, Niche names Northwestern as the #1 school for Biology in Illinois and #13 in all of America, so it seems like a great fit for your major. Some schools require you to put in additional work to stay on their waitlists, so it's probably in your best interest to decline a spot on those waitlists and instead go to Northwestern. Hope this helps!

I actually just got off the waitlist for UChicago. Would that change your opinion?