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Effect of Canceled Standardized Tests on College Admissions

I'm a junior in high school and I was wondering how college admissions would differ with the canceled standardized testing? What would the colleges focus more on? The extracurriculars and the GPA?

Also, many of my tournaments got canceled this year due to the coronavirus as well. Because of this, I cannot write about this in my college applications. How could I make up for this as well?

Thank you so much!

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i think a lot of schools are going to go test optional for at least the class of 2025 (current juniors like yourself), and maybe beyond that as well. GPA and coursework would probably fill the void that that leaves, because academics are usually something like 1/3rd of how colleges make their decisions and extracurriculars are another 1/3rd (essays/interviews are the last 1/3rd).

the important thing to remember is that college applications are comparative—your competing with everyone else in your year for the same number of spots. so everyone will be in the same boat with cancelled tournaments, paused extracurriculars, and screwed up testing. with that in mind, you don't really need to "make up" for that, because there's not some established goal-line you need to reach—just try to pursue and develop your interests in the ways you still can, and colleges will be receptive to that

• 2 years ago

What I’ve heard from some colleges is that submitting sat/act scores for further years’ applications will become optional. So yes, this would mean other areas of the application carry a higher weight.


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