3 years ago
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Are my extracurriculars too generic? Should I just put a lot of work into these, or should I pick up more unique ec's?

For context, I have a 3.98 UW GPA (2 b's), and a 4.58 W GPA (5 honors classes, 5 college classes, 10 AP's). My ideal schools would be Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, UCLA, Williams, Duke, or NYU.

Okay, now for the Extracurriculars:

-I was accepted into an arts high school in the acting program. I've held lead roles in several shows.

-Started a nonprofit organization focused on bringing arts education to low income neighborhoods

-3 years of Mock Trial with a handful of awards

-Summer research application required internship at UCI (worked at the same level graduate and undergraduate students, my name was listed second on the publication)

-President/founder of a mental health-focused running club at my school

-Co-pres/co-founder of a book club at my school

-leadership in 2 other clubs

-Secretary of my schools California Scholarship Federation chapter

-member of NHS

I'm really paranoid about this, because I don't want to put so much work into an activity if it's too generic to actually make an impact on my application lol

3 years ago

You have a really strong extracurricular profile! Just remember: don't let an ambiguous fear of how strongly or not any given activity will make an impact on your application let you decide what activities that you do and do not do. If you do things that you are interested in, inevitably it will follow that you dive deeper into those activities such that they progress from a "generic" activity to something interest that stands out to admissions officers. That's the high level, I already

3 years ago [edited]

graduated college feedback that I get to give :). But on the more pertinent level, your extracurriculars are not generic! Your profile is really strong, and remember there really is no such thing as a "unique" extracurricular (unless you are a certified giant octopus hunter or something), just how deep / accomplished you go in any given field.

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