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Could I get my Enrollment and Housing Fee Waived?

I plan on attending Towson University in the fall. I’ve already been accepted and now I just have to commit. To do so I have to pay my enrollment fee and housing fee which total to $650. I don’t currently have the money due to losing my job because of COVId-19 and I’m wondering if a college would be willing to waive my enrollment and housing fee so that I could still commit to the college stress-free. Is this possible and if so how could I go about doing it?

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4 years ago

Congrats on your acceptance to Towson! That's really exciting. And I'm sorry to hear about your job loss, I know that's really hard and makes things a lot more complicated for so many people.

Overall, a lot of colleges are responding very well to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are pushing enrollment deadlines, for example. Generally, they are very willing to talk to you about your situation, especially if you're likely to attend their college. I recommend that you contact the Towson Admissions office and tell them about your situation. Explain to them that you are an admitted student, that you want to enroll, but you are experiencing difficulties coming up with the enrollment and housing fees due to COVID-19. They might be willing to waive the fees, reduce the fees, or postpone the payment for you. But you won't know until you ask them!

Looks like you can contact them through an online chat (on the bottom right corner of the site) at https://www.towson.edu/admissions/undergrad/admitted/

OR you can try calling at (410) 704-2113

OR you can send them an email at admissions@towson.edu

Good luck!!!

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