6 months ago
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Which AP exams are easiest to self study over the summer/in the school year?

I want to take more AP classes but I don't have any more space in my schedule. I would have to self-study the AP class and I would prefer to start in the summer. If you know any online platforms I can use/sign up for, please also add that. Also, is it better to study for the class on your own, or take it through an online organization/school ie BYU? Which AP course is easiest to study and score well on the exam? I'm going to take AP bio, chem, English lang, English lit, calc (ab or bc) in school.


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6 months ago

I would say ap psychology is a good self-study. AP U.S. history would be a good self-study if you have taken AP World before. If you like music, I would recommend ap music theory. I have taken all of your courses and they are not easy so I recommend that you stay on top of your game and not fall behind. For Ap bio and chem, I would watch crash course videos besides taking notes and reading the textbook. For ela, repetition is important, especially with writing. For calc, I recommend Professor Leonard from Youtube and the ap classroom videos. Khan academy is good for the ap courses as supplemental practice. Also, don't forget to borrow ap books from the library! Good luck!

6 months ago

On top of what is listed above, I would ask any friends for their notes if they are willing to share and ask them the key points for each ap course


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