6 months ago
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Precalc over the summer?

Can someone help me find a pre-calc class that I would be able to complete over this coming summer? I am in 10th grade, but I want to take AP calc next year and AP comp sci or stats in 12th grade. Thanks!


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6 months ago[edited]

If your school doesn't have an online class for pre-calc, I would recommend using khan academy for practice and youtube videos for content. If you can borrow a precalc textbook from a library, that would be helpful. I recommend Professor Leonard from Youtube. He teaches calculus but I think he taught precalc as well so you should check him out! He basically helped get an A in calc so I highly recommend Professor Leonard!

6 months ago

I would borrow a precalc textbook from the library to learn the material and watch YouTube videos on the parts that are not easy to understand. Also, I recommend to ask your friends for help if they have taken precalc and ask your math teachers or from the past! That way, you can build a relationship with them and have them write a letter of recommendation!


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