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What Is The University of Oxford Application Process Like?

Obviously, this can't be answered by most people, but for those who either know or have experienced the process, what was it like? What test scores were you required to submit? Interviews? Were there additional requirements? Thank you! (not to be mistaken with other colleges, the Oxford University in the UK).


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8 months ago


To apply to the University of Oxford you have to submit an application similar to the common app called UCAS. It will require a personal statement where you should focus on academic drive and achievements and at the end have a couple sentences on extracurriculars but not more than 2-3. If you have done the IB you will be required to send your results. In general a score of about 41/45 on the IB is required to receive an interview. If you haven't taken the IB please refer to the link below about Oxford's international assessment requirements.


You will also be required to take a timed written qualification exam for Oxford (but not cambridge)

Please note applications are due Oct 15th and you are prohibited from applying to both Oxford and Cambridge but you can apply to up to 5 total UK institutions. In the UK it is all about grades so that will determine whether or not you are accepted.

Hope this helps.



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