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6 months ago
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How many AP classes did you take?

How many Advanced Placement classes did you take in high school and also what is the recommended number of AP classes you should take to make your college application strong?

1-2 🥉
3-4 🥈
5-6 🥇
7+ 🏆
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6 months ago

I see you posting a lot of stuff like this and some of them have been flagged/removed because CollegeVine doesn't really encourage doing this. It leads to a lot of comparison and in general everyone's situation is very different. Some schools offer all the APs, some offer none, so "recommended number" really differs a lot from school to school. It also depends on personal limitation. As a rule of thumb, take as many as you think you can handle. For some that's 10, for others that's 5. You know yourself.

6 months ago

In my country there aren't AP classes, everyone takes the same classes, the difference is level of difficulty of the schools : (

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