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What kind of extracurricular activities should I do to boost my acceptance chance?

Which ones do colleges usually prefer?

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6 months ago

Welcome to the community! Colleges don't prefer to see any type of EC. They just want to see you do something you're passionate about and good at! Their goal is to create a well-rounded class, so they need people specializing in different things. Here's a blog post that may help: https://blog.collegevine.com/extracurriculars-for-ivy-league/


6 months ago

Anything you are genuinely excited to do and passionate about, something you want to maybe make an impact in. There is no "superior EC"; everyone is different.


6 months ago

National Honor Society, Community Service, or even sports. Schools want to see that you are involved in the community while still being able to maintain good grades.


6 months ago

As a general rule, colleges would rather see you involved in something you are passionate about than something prestigious that you don't care about. For example, my EC's aren't super impressive, but I'm confident in them because they gave me exposure to things I love and want to pursue long after highschool. Good luck!


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