3 years ago
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What science classes should I take?

So I am currently a junior and I want to take biochem major for college. My question is: should I take biology, chemistry and physics (all three sciences) even if I am not good at physics?

Context: My school does the integrated science system, which is a combination of bio, chem and physics. I have only taken 2 years of that class so I don't have the three sciences AND I have not taken normal science classes. If I need to take all three sciences, I need to take AP physics.


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3 years ago

Like others have said, this is a great topic to bring up to your counselor. It is always great to show that you're challenging yourself, and you will undoubtedly need physics for your intended major, but your counselor is better equipped to answer questions pertaining to courses that are specific to your school.

As a biochemistry major, your most important classes will be -- you guessed it -- biology and chemistry. Physics will of course also be essential, so if you can fit it into your schedule and you feel you can handle it, absolutely go for it. But if you genuinely think you will be overwhelmed by three AP science classes, you wouldn't be faulted for not having taken physics (especially because you already have two years of interdisciplinary lab sciences under your belt). Feel free to take this opportunity to show your strengths elsewhere, like the humanities, or to showcase a passion. You will have to submit your first semester senior year grades to schools you've applied to regular decision, so keep that in mind as you select classes; beyond that, as long as you continue to perform on par with your previous coursework, it shouldn't affect admissions outcomes (i.e. don't go from an A to a C between January and May). Best of luck!

3 years ago[edited]

I would talk to your counselor about this topic since this is very important. I would suggest that you and your parents meet up with your counselor to discuss the pros and cons of each of the classes. Ask for the counselor's input and maybe your teachers as well.

Also, personally, since it is your last year of high-school, you should try to do your best and take the best rigor you can handle. So, if you believe you can do well in AP Physical, then go for it as it will definitely help. There are also many websites like Khan Academy that you can try over summer to prepare yourself better.

Coming to your exact question, I think you should take physical if you are willing to work hard and get a good grade, as it is a very important subject you should know. So, if you believe you will have the time to study and prepare, then go for it.

Hope it helps!

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