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Should I keep playing tennis?

I started playing tennis in 8th grade. In my sophomore season, I got onto the JV team. I am confident I will get onto the varsity team in the 11th and 12th-grade season as well. I read that colleges don't care about sports unless you are the captain, the best player in your state, etc, or if you are going to play for the college. So should I keep playing tennis for my school? I enjoy playing tennis, but our season is in the summer/early fall. Is it worth playing it, or should I drop it? Also, I plan on going into medicine, so tennis is really unrelated.


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6 months ago

I don't fully understand why you would consider quitting, especially since you are confident that you will make the varsity team and that you enjoy playing. I also think that sustained commitment (all 4 years of HS) to an activity (especially a sport) looks good on applications, and quitting can actually make you look bad in that sense. I understand your concern that tennis is unrelated to tennis, but instead of straight-up quitting you could just join a MED/STEM club/organization to show interest in that.

I would only quit if you really needed that time to join a MED/STEM organization. Like if the tennis and the club met at the exact times each week, and you were forced to pick between one and the other.


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