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Any tips for taking AP World History: Modern, AP Environmental Science, and AP Computer Science Principles?

Hello! I am currently a Freshman and have signed up to take the AP courses listed above during my Sophomore year. So that I do not go in blind, I was wondering if any of you would have tips or tricks on how to do well in these specific classes based on your experiences. You can answer for as many as you like. Even just some background on one of the classes would be so helpful. Thank you!

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I took AP World History: Modern my sophomore year and I cannot stress understanding the cause and effect relationships in history, and vocabulary words. These two are the most important in my opinion and helped me a lot. This history course is almost like a really long story, so you need to understand how and why one event led to another. Also, you need to be able to fully understand the new terms they will introduce, so make sure you make vocabulary cards to memorize them!

I also recommend using a Youtuber named Heimler's History.


He's saved me tons of time studying, and I basically memorized all of his APWH videos last year to help me during the AP Exams.

Last year when I took the AP Exams I received a score of 4, so I think this course was pretty fun to take, and if you did well in your previous history classes you'll love this one.

My last piece of advice is to make lots of friends in all of your AP classes, I am assuming this is the first time you will be taking these classes so don't be afraid to start group chats with new people, you'll be surprised the new people you can meet!

I wish you the best of luck :-)


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I took AP World History: Modern last year as a sophomore. I’d suggest memorizing the key events for each period and their effects (especially period 2 and 3), but also make sure that you know similarities and differences between different events/countries because it will help prepare you for the FRQ! Also, watching crash course is super helpful for last minute review. Good luck!


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I took AP Environmental Science my sophomore year too! My best advice would be to study how the topics you're learning about are applied in the real world, because there are a lot of abstract concepts to study. MEMORIZE THE VOCABULARY! Make flashcards, use Quizlet, whatever works for you, even the easy stuff that you think you'll never forget, because you will need a refresher before the exam. Good luck, you can do it!

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Thank you so much for the quick reply! This really helped :)


6 months ago

I took AP World my freshman year and it was kind of messy. I'd suggest to take good notes, get some practice on MC, and writing essays because you will write lots of those. I got a 4 on the exam, I don't really know-how. I would also suggest having flashcards for every unit to study terms. I liked the class, I made lots of friends there, and we bonded over not sleeping to do good on the course. I'd also suggest to do as well as possible on the tests, since it is an AP Class, and when I took it, I had about a B and B- the 2 semesters, so I'd try to keep at least a B since it's sophomore year and colleges look at your GPA


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