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What is the admission academic criteria for the Ivy leagues?

I am going to A2 and am looking forward to how to be admitted to IVY league university.

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2 years ago

What do you mean by A2?

Ivy League universities are generally among the most competitive universities you can apply for, and you can find most of their academic criteria online. You can also put your stats into the chancing system here and see what kind of possibilities it gives you.

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2 years ago

Take it from a student who has got straight As in IGCSEs, did 4 AS, got all (A) and was supposed to do the A2 this June but still got rejected from every US university that gives good aid, not even Ivies. So don't do the same mistakes as me and focus on your SAT firstly (yes SAT 1 is a must, and even worth more than the A-levels your spent hundreds of hours studying for). then polish your school transcripts secondly. You also want to craft your essays, they are very stressful and you should probably start writing them from now, next, try to have many meaningful activities and community involvements, around 10 is perfect but don't just throw anything in, and try to show some commitment.


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