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What Are Medicine and Health Related Opportunities Available to Me?

I am a junior in High School and I want to get more experience in the medical field, so I am looking for volunteering or working opportunities that will get me more hands on experience. I have already looked into red cross, but I would love to learn about more opportunities to better increases my admissions chances. Thank you!

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@kimberlyascencio-cerna6 months ago

Sorry, it is a huge list so I couldn't comment the whole thing!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@dodo6 months ago

No worries! I have been finding many opportunities already.

@kimberlyascencio-cerna6 months ago

A blog about internships opportunities which unfortunately the ones dealing with medical have been cancel or the application deadline passed. However, you could check these out for your senior year: https://blog.prepscholar.com/medical-programs-for-high-school-students

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6 months ago

Hello, I am also a junior in high school! There is numerous amount of volunteering and internships involving the medical field that is remote (virtual). My favorite site for volunteering is called VolunteerMatch, you can use the filter on the site to look for volunteering you can do in the medical field! With internships, you could search that up on your own. I am currently looking for internships and I found so many involving the medical field. I searched up "free remote internships for high school students", although there will be a lot of results, I am sure you find some you will like on the first page of results! I hope this helps, if you want, maybe I could search some for you? Let me know by commenting on my message, I would be happy to help you out some more!

5 months ago

Thank you for such a valuable information. I was looking for a long time detailed explanation. Really appreciate your reply!


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